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DesignEdge®: Design & Control from the Same Software

Easy to Use DesignEdge®
CAD/CAM Software

CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

Designed specifically for plasma cutting, DesignEdge® software is included with the PlasmaCAM machine. This complete CAD/CAM program not only creates designs, it also runs the machine - no other software is needed. DesignEdge® is Windows-based and very easy to use. The DesignEdge software lets you work directly with the images that you want to cut, eliminating any need for machine programs, layout drawings, or metal patterns.
The DesignEdge software is what makes this system so easy to work with . It enables you to import images, change them into cutable patterns and cut it on the machine without having to get out of the program at all. You can quickly create your own impressive designs, easily import designs in other formats and reproduce almost any shape from scanned images, computer fonts, and common drawing programs. Also available is a large selection of CD's with ready-to-cut designs that can be customized allowing you to put your own signature on your metalwork production.
Not all CNC plasma cutting owners have the same needs, which is why DesignEdge offers a number of powerful functionality expansions, to increase automation and performance as seen below:

Advanced Design Software - Import, Export, Clean and Control Cut Paths Automatically

Advanced Design Features

CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

The optional Advanced Design Software package provides the full freedom in your design-to-cut process by automating a lot of the functions like cleaning and optimizing designs to prepare them for cutting and allow you to export your drawings in other formats like DXF and G-Code. It also provides a large shape directory with flanges, gears, gussets, scrolls, etc.
It has better cutting quality functions built in so that it will show closed and wide cut paths enabling you to better visualize the finished, cut piece. It will also allow you to offset and convert images to cut paths with advanced corner options, crossover removal and overcutting down branch center, minimizing double cutting, bend line conversion, and much more. In short it will make your design-to-cut both easier and faster.

Advanced Digital Height Control - Detects Material and Auto-Calibrates for Cut Heights

Advanced Digital
Height Control

CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

Our optional Advanced Digital Height Control gives you the maximum performance of your machine. It automatically senses the location of the material before each cut, auto-calibrates itself and it even detects collisions. It can be fine-tuned so aggressively that it can cut corrugated (see video) material or diamond plate. Once you set all the parameters, the machine can finish almost all jobs even if you walk away for hours.
But the benefits doesn't stop there; it is smart enough to handle areas already cut; it makes the machine run more automatically with higher cut quality; and it expands the torch consumable life-span with up 4-6 times. This height control represents the next generation of plasma cutting and outperforms industrial height controls that cost more than 10 times our price.

Advanced Machine Control - Increases Cutting Quality and Remembers Your Settings

Advanced Machine Control

CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

The optional Advanced Machine Control provides the optimal automation level and quality control of your metalwork production. This package allows you to fine tune each cutting pattern to the absolute best, like cutting slower on circles and curves to minimize the bevel on the edges of your products or increase the cut speed when crossing kerfs.
If you need to cut out larger products than the cutting area of your machine, the Advanced Machine Control allows you to do it through high precision indexing. The advanced machine control also lets you save all the settings for each type of cutting so even if you have more than one operator of your CNC machine which assures the same cutting quality regardless of the operator. The software has many other automations and controls that will make your production easier and faster.

Automatic Nesting Software - Automatically Places Products to Optimize Material Use

Automatic Nesting Software

CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

PlasmaCam has launched an optional high-performance, true shape nesting software package for the DesignEdge software. This application allows you to tightly fit large numbers of parts on your sheets and even fills unused spaces and holes. It will optimize your material utilization and thereby increase your profit.
Watch the video as PlasmaCam's new Design Edge Software organizes everything you want to cut out of metal, into a neat layout of parts and designs. With a click of a button this software will know the best way to lay out everything so that you have the least amount of material waste. Plus it even knows the best way to cut out each piece!